Front Row Cornets

Aaron Gillibrand

Aaron Gillibrand 2017

Occupation: University Student
Position: Principal Cornet
Date joined: 2013
Previous brass bands: Sellers Youth Band
Favourite brass band piece: Mars: The Bringer Of War – Gustav Holst
Best brass banding moment: Enjoys marching!
Player history: Started playing the tenor horn aged 7. Played through Batley Music centre concert and wind band. After that, played with Grange Moor and Sellers Youth. Moved to cornet in 2017.
Interesting fact: Enjoys bass guitar in cover and original bands.

Warren Gillibrand

Warren Gillibrand 2017

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Clinical Science at University
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: 2007
Previous brass bands: Preston youth Band, Preston concert Band, Lancashire Youth Orchestra
Favourite brass band piece: Walking With Heroes
Best brass banding moment: Beating British Leyland in a North West Competition in Blackpool in 1981!
Player history: I have studied cornet and trumpet since the age of 6, and began learning to play the double bass and bass guitar from age 12. I have played various brass instruments including Eb horn, trumpet and euphonium.
Interesting fact: Played bass guitar professionally when I left college, for a rock band in the 80s!

José Smales

Jose Smales

Occupation: Primary School Music Teacher
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: June 2013
Previous brass bands: Youth Group Brass Band (Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade)
Favourite brass band piece: Highland Cathedral and Game Of Thrones
Best brass banding moment: When the youth group won the Yorkshire Championship.
Player history: I have played various instruments, both brass and woodwind. I began teaching children in school in 1984.
Interesting fact: I can wiggle my ears!

Val Hope

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Occupation: Retired (previously a lecturer in Music Education at Leeds University)
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: 2001
Previous brass bands: None – I have always been a member of Grange Moor Brass Band
Favourite brass band piece: Too many to choose just one!
Best brass banding moment: Feeling the surge of power and playing in my first concert in Harrogate.
Player history: I started playing the cornet in 2001 when Steve Platten ran workshops to increase the number of players in Grange Moor Brass Band. I joined the main band in 2002 as a back row cornet player and continued there until 2013 when I took over as conductor. In 2017 I decided that I wanted to be a player again and I returned as a front row player in 2018.
Interesting fact: I conduct the Grange Moor Youth Training Band.

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