Band Members

Musical DirectorMatthew Asher
Front Row CornetsPrincipal Cornet: Aaron Gillibrand
Solo Cornet: Warren Gillibrand
Solo Cornet: Jose Smales
Solo Cornet: Val Hope
Solo Cornet: Vacancies
Back Row CornetsSoprano Cornet: Vacancy
Repiano Cornet: Russell Garner
Second Cornet: Gary Goodall
Second Cornet: Lynda Auty
Third Cornet: Heather Gillibrand
Third Cornet: Vacancies
HornsFlugelhorn: Vacancy
Solo Horn: Andy Carr
First Horn: Ruth Lambert
Second Horn: Jane Hearson
BaritonesSolo Baritone: Lisa Pitts
Second Baritone: Pip Youds
EuphoniumsSolo Euphonium: Stephen James
Second Euphonium: Lee Spencer
TrombonesSolo Trombone: Julia Osborn
Second Trombone: Colin Preston
Bass Trombone: Steve Langford
BassesEEb Bass: John (Jack) Wright
EEb Bass: Nathan Abbotts
BBb Bass: Tim Grace
BBb Bass: Jim Ford
PercussionTuned & Kit: Thomas Pitts
Tuned & Kit: Graeme Genty
Tuned: James Genty
OfficialsMusical Director: Vacancy
Chairman: Terry Ellis
Vice-Chairman: Jose Smales
Secretary: Nathan Abbotts
Treasurer: Jim Ford
Band Sergeant: Vacancy
Website & Social Media: Thomas Pitts
Updated: April 2018


  1. Norman Waller
    14th June 2018 @ 11:56 am

    As a former player with the band from nearly 40 years ago I have always followed the progress of the band, seeing its ups and its downs. With many bands folding it is heartening to see that the band hangs on in there. Good luck to you all.


    • ThomasJPitts
      16th June 2018 @ 10:10 am

      Thanks for the kind words, sir.


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