Julia Osborn

Julia Osborn

Occupation: Veterinary Surgeon
Position: Solo Trombone
Date joined: 2016
Previous brass bands: None
Favourite brass band piece: Gwerzy (Kila arr. Brendan Breslin)
Best brass banding moment: Playing in the same group as my husband and two of my children.
Player history: Once my husband and all three of my children started playing brass instruments, I thought I’d join in as well!
Interesting fact: I met my husband on a bus, on the way to perform at a prison.

Colin Preston

Colin Preston

Occupation: FCA Compliance Consultant
Position: Second Trombone
Date joined: November 2017
Previous brass bands: Skelmanthorpe Brass Community
Favourite brass band pieces: The Lost Chord and Highland Cathedral
Best brass banding moment: Summer Tour to Austria
Player history: Involved with Marching Bands with the Boys’ Brigade mainly on percussion. Started learning Trombone with Laurence Mann MBE after much encouragement and great patience.
Interesting fact: Worked on London 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Steve Langford

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Occupation: Retired IT Storage Manager
Position: Bass Trombone
Date joined: 1st February 2016
Previous brass bands: Grange Moor Brass Band, Emley Brass Band.
Favourite brass band piece: Call Of The Sea
Best brass banding moment: Coming 1st in the 4th Section.
Player history: Played French Horn, Trombone and Tuba at school. The Bass Trombone with Merseyside Youth Orchestra. After that, I played Bass Trombone with Shepley Band and Grange Moor Brass Band as well as Emley Band.
Interesting fact: I helped an organ builder tune York Minster organ.

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