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100 Club Winners

Here are all of the winners from our 100 Club.

The next draw will be held on Sunday, 3rd February 2024.

Want to get involved? Join here:

DrawPrizeTicket numberWinner
Draw 17: Sunday, 7th July 2024
Draw 16: Sunday, 2nd June 2024
1st£71.2543R. Hensby
2nd£42.7554T. Clifton
3rd£28.5018J. Webster
Draw 15: Sunday, 5th May 2024
1st£68.7537K. Wardle
2nd£41.2512L. Auty
3rd£27.5028J. Wright
Draw 14: Sunday, 7th April 2024
1st£68.7511J. Riley
2nd£41.2512L. Auty
3rd£27.5057L. Sowden
Draw 13: Sunday, 10th March 2024
1st£71.2513J. Senior
2nd£42.7552J. Webster
Draw 12: Sunday, 3rd February 2024
1st£68.7539M. Riley
2nd£41.257A. Walker
3rd£27.504K. Fisher
Draw 11: Sunday, 7th January 2024
1st£70.0050S. Langford
2nd£42.0017E. Broome
3rd£28.001T. Jackson
Draw 10: Sunday, 3rd December 2023 – Christmas Mega Draw
1st£10046M. Longbottom
2nd£7536V. Hope
3rd£5035G. Ervine
4th£2548T. Grace
5th£2511J. Riley
Draw 9: Sunday, 5th November 2023
1st£68.7517E. Broome
2nd£41.253R. Fisher
3rd£27.5028J. Wright
Draw 8: Sunday, 1st October 2023
1st£66.2550S. Langford
2nd£39.7546M. Longbottom
3rd£26.503R. Fisher
Draw 7: Sunday, 3rd September 2023
1st£65.0042A. Jazwinski
2nd£39.0035G. Ervine
3rd£26.0014C. Taylor
Draw 6: Sunday, 13th August 2023
1st£63.7510E. Huffinley
2nd£38.2529J. Webster
3rd£25.5019J. Youds
Draw 5: Sunday, 2nd July 2023
1st£62.5016J. Bastow
2nd£37.509A. Broome
3rd£25.0045E. Broome
Draw 4: Sunday, 4th June 2023
1st£61.2530E. Shirley
2nd£36.7537K. Wardle
3rd£24.5016J. Bastow
Draw 3: Sunday, 7th May 2023
1st£60.005R. Broome
2nd£36.0044V. Hardcastle
3rd£24.0040C. Gledhill
Draw 2: Sunday, 2nd April 2023
1st£51.2541C. Gledhill
2nd£30.751T. Jackson
3rd£20.5024T. Grace
Draw 1: Sunday, 5th March 2023
1st£46.2527J. Wright
2nd£27.7523T. Grace
3rd£18.508A. Walker

Getting in touch

If you would like to hire the band for an event, are interested in playing with us, or simply require more information about Grange Moor Brass Band, please feel free to get in touch!

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Richard Broome
Phone: 0797 223 6774

Webmaster & Social Media: Thomas Pitts (contact through Richard above)

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