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Entertaining Yorkshire since 1854


Contest History

Contest Results

Data provided by
DateContestBand NameResultPointsDrawConductor
2nd Mar 2014Yorkshire Area (Second Section)Grange MoorUnknown
2nd Mar 2013Yorkshire Area (Second Section)Grange MoorWUnknown
6th Mar 2011Yorkshire Area (First Section)Grange Moor98Nick Payne
6th Mar 2010Yorkshire Area (Second Section)Grange Moor38Mark Bentham
1st Nov 2009Malton Entertainments Contest (Class A)Grange Moor Band3Michael Howley
5th Jul 2009Brighouse March & Hymn TuneGrange Moor Band12Michael Howley
21st Jun 2009Morley March & Hymn Tune ContestGrange MoorUnknown
5th Apr 2009Pogson Bray (Section A)Grange Moor2Michael Howley
8th Mar 2009Yorkshire Area (Second Section)Grange Moor45Mark Bentham
17th Jan 2009Butlins Mineworkers (Second Section)Grange Moor144John Ingman
2nd Nov 2008Malton Entertainments Contest (Class A)Grange Moor Brass4182Michael Howley
13th Jul 2008Morley March & Hymn Tune ContestGrange Moor3Unknown
2nd Mar 2008Yorkshire Area (First Section)Grange Moor818014Kevin Wadsworth
3rd Nov 2007Pontins (First Section)Grange Moor Brass1414Michael Howley
8th Jul 2007Morley March & Hymn Tune ContestGrange MoorUnknown
23rd Sep 2006National Finals (Second Section)Grange Moor71775Duncan Beckley
5th Mar 2006Yorkshire Area (Second Section)Grange Moor11843Duncan Beckley
25th Sep 2005National Finals (Third Section)Grange Moor1017613Duncan Beckley
26th Feb 2005Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor11842Duncan Beckley
30th Oct 2004Pontins (Fourth Section)Grange Moor Brass108Malcolm Dibb
11th Sep 2004National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Grange Moor31825Duncan Beckley
7th Mar 2004Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor11875Michael Early
29th Nov 2003Butlins Mineworkers (Fourth Section)Grange Moor Brass31764Matthew Roebuck
20th Sep 2003National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Grange Moor318413Duncan Beckley
2nd Mar 2003Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor21791Garry Hallas
16th Nov 2002National Mineworkers (Fourth Section)Grange Moor31764Steve Platten
29th Mar 1986Pontins Southport (Third Section)Grange Moor (Flockton Plant Hire)WUnknown
2nd Mar 1986CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange Moor Flockton Plant Hire3185M. Leeson
23rd Feb 1986Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor (Flockton Plant)517913M. Leeson
9th Feb 1986Oldham Contest (Section B)Grange Moor21863M. Leeson
19th May 1985Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Third Section)Grange MoorIrvin Vaines
10th Mar 1985Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor6Irvin Vaines
26th Feb 1984Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor6Garry Beresford
1984CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange MoorGarry Beresford
6th Mar 1983CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange Moor Band48Garry Beresford
27th Feb 1983Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor5Garry Beresford
28th Nov 1982Horbury Victoria Prize Band Annual Brass Band Contest (Section B)Grange MoorGarry Beresford
23rd May 1982Joshua Tetley Leeds Open (Third Section)Grange Moor15Gary Beresford
28th Feb 1982Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor131669Garry Beresford
29th Nov 1981Barnsley Contest (Group B)Grange Moor Brass BandWUnknown
18th Apr 1981Pontins Hemsby (Third Section)Grange MoorGarry Beresford
8th Mar 1981Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor51835Garry Beresford
8th Nov 1980National Mineworkers (Third Section)Grange Moor4Garry Beresford
9th Mar 1980Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor318817Garry Beresford
11th Feb 1979Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor71753Garry Beresford
1979CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section)Grange Moor Colliery Band1Unknown
7th Oct 1978National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Grange MoorGarry Beresford
29th Feb 1976Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange MoorB. Smith
7th Dec 1975Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor2B. Smith
13th Apr 1975Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor1179B. Smith
2nd Feb 1975Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor14J. Smith
1975CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange MoorB. Smith
1st Dec 1974Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor1B. Smith
24th Aug 1974Morecambe Entertainment Contest FinalGrange Moor2184Unknown
9th Jun 1974Morecambe Entertainment Contest Semi FinalGrange Moor1182Unknown
7th Apr 1974Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor2180B. Smith
17th Feb 1974Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor11G. Field
1974CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section)Grange Moor3G. Field
2nd Dec 1973Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor2G. Field
3rd Nov 1973National Mineworkers (Fourth Section)Grange MoorUnknown
4th Feb 1973Rochdale Contest (Section B)Grange Moor4188Unknown
10th Dec 1972Horbury Victoria Prize Band Annual Brass Band Contest (Section B)Grange MoorUnknown
9th Dec 1972Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor1188G. Field
4th Nov 1972National Mineworkers (Fourth Section)Grange MoorG. Field
2nd Jul 1972Morecambe Entertainment Contest Semi FinalGrange Moor2174Unknown
5th Mar 1972CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section)Grange Moor2190Unknown
13th Feb 1972Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor13G. Field
5th Dec 1971Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section C)Grange Moor1181G. Field
5th Sep 1971Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section B)Grange MoorUnknown
25th Apr 1971Blackpool Contest (C Section)Grange Moor2G. Field
6th Sep 1970Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section B)Grange Moor1G. Field
1969CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange MoorG. Field
21st Apr 1968Blackpool Contest (D Section)Grange Moor310G. Field
3rd Dec 1967Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section B)Grange Moor3168G. Field
23rd Apr 1967Blackpool Contest (D Section)Grange Moor393G. Field
5th Mar 1967CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section)Grange MoorG. Field
25th Feb 1967Yorkshire Brass Band Championship (Fourth Section)Grange MoorG. Field
15th Oct 1966National Championship of Great Britain (Fourth Section Final)Grange Moor BrassK. Field
12th Mar 1966Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor Brass21812G. Field
6th Mar 1966CISWO Yorkshire (4th Section)Grange Moor4G. Field
15th May 1965Spring Festival (Junior Shield)Grange MoorG. Field
6th Mar 1965Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange MoorG. Field
13th May 1961Spring Festival (Junior Trophy)Grange Moor Brass15J. Smith
5th Mar 1961CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section)Grange Moor Brass13N. Atkins
4th Mar 1961Yorkshire Area (Fourth Section)Grange Moor Brass10N. Atkins
6th Mar 1960CISWO Yorkshire (3rd Section )Grange Moor Brass BandN. Atkins
26th Apr 1952Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange MoorJ. H. Johnson
19th Mar 1949Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange MoorJ. Johnson
30th Aug 1947Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section B)Grange Moor3Unknown
22nd Mar 1947Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange Moor BrassJ. H. Johnson
6th Apr 1946Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange MoorUnknown
23rd Jun 1945Yorkshire Area (Third Section)Grange MoorUnknown
31st Aug 1940Huddersfield & District BBA Contest (Section B)Grange MoorUnknown
29th Oct 1938Stalybridge ContestGrange MoorUnknown
19th Jul 1890Thornhill ContestGrange Moor5Unknown
17th May 1890Dewsbury ContestGrange MoorUnknown
10th May 1890Batley ContestGrange MoorUnknown
21st Sep 1889Stalybridge ContestGrange MoorJack Fisher
10th Aug 1889Copley ContestGrange Moor3Unknown
27th Jul 1889Morley ContestGrange MoorUnknown
26th Aug 1861Sheffield Gardens Band ContestGrange-Moor (Wakefield)Unknown

Whit Friday Results

Data provided by
DateContestBand NameResultPointsDrawConductor
5th Jun 2009Uppermill (Whit Friday)Grange Moor14Unknown
5th Jun 2009Diggle (Whit Friday)Grange Moor18Unknown
5th Jun 2009Greenfield (Whit Friday)Grange Moor23Unknown
16th May 2008Dobcross (Whit Friday)Grange Moor7Unknown
16th May 2008Lees (Whit Friday)Grange Moor9Unknown
16th May 2008Scouthead (Whit Friday)Grange Moor17Unknown
16th May 2008Uppermill (Whit Friday)Grange Moor18Unknown
16th May 2008Greenacres (Whit Friday)Grange Moor23Unknown
16th May 2008Greenfield (Whit Friday)Grange Moor24Unknown
16th May 2008Delph (Whit Friday)Grange Moor28Unknown
1st Jun 2007Greenfield (Whit Friday)Grange Moor14Unknown
1st Jun 2007Delph (Whit Friday)Grange Moor16Unknown
1st Jun 2007Lydgate (Whit Friday)Grange Moor20Unknown
1st Jun 2007Greenacres (Whit Friday)Grange Moor28Unknown
1st Jun 2007Scouthead (Whit Friday)Grange Moor31Unknown
9th Jun 2006Stalybridge Celtic (Whit Friday)Grange Moor20Unknown
9th Jun 2006Micklehurst (Whit Friday)Grange Moor21Unknown
9th Jun 2006Greenfield (Whit Friday)Grange Moor22Unknown
9th Jun 2006Lees (Whit Friday)Grange Moor22Unknown
9th Jun 2006Heyrod (Whit Friday)Grange Moor24Unknown
9th Jun 2006Tame Valley (Dukinfield) (Whit Friday)Grange Moor34Unknown
9th Jun 2006Hurst (Ashton United) (Whit Friday)Grange Moor37Unknown
20th May 2005Scouthead (Whit Friday)Grange Moor18Unknown
20th May 2005Greenfield (Whit Friday)Grange Moor19Unknown
20th May 2005Lees (Whit Friday)Grange Moor25Unknown
20th May 2005Greenacres (Whit Friday)Grange Moor26Unknown
20th May 2005Delph (Whit Friday)Grange Moor49Unknown
4th Jun 2004Greenacres (Whit Friday)Grange Moor24Unknown

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