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Front Row Cornets

Warren Gillibrand

Warren Gillibrand square 2

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Clinical Science at University
Position: Principal Cornet
Date joined: 2007
Previous brass bands: Preston youth Band, Preston concert Band, Lancashire Youth Orchestra
Favourite brass band piece: Walking With Heroes
Best brass banding moment: Beating British Leyland in a North West Competition in Blackpool in 1981!
Player history: I have studied cornet and trumpet since the age of 6, and began learning to play the double bass and bass guitar from age 12. I have played various brass instruments including Eb horn, trumpet and euphonium.
Interesting fact: Played bass guitar professionally when I left college, for a rock band in the 80s!

Richard Broome


Occupation: Retired
Position: Soprano Cornet
Date joined: 2021
Previous brass bands: Batley Grammar School Brass Band
Favourite brass band piece: Music by John Miles
Best brass banding moment: Playing at Blackpool Tower ballroom
Player history: I started playing the trumpet at age eight and played in numerous bands at senior school. I went on to study music at University, where I played in the University orchestra. I played locally in pit orchestras for amateur dramatic productions in my early 20s but then stopped playing for around 25 years. I started again when I turned 50 and decided to join a band, and Grange Moor have been most welcoming. A soprano cornet was thrust into my hands at my second rehearsal! I’d forgotten how enjoyable it is to play in a band, and I somewhat regret my 25-year sabbatical!
Interesting fact: I met my wife whilst building a children’s playground in a remote village in Namibia.

José Smales

Jose Smales

Occupation: Retired (formerly a Primary School Music Teacher)
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: June 2013
Previous brass bands: Youth Group Brass Band (Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade)
Favourite brass band piece: Highland Cathedral and Game Of Thrones
Best brass banding moment: When the youth group won the Yorkshire Championship.
Player history: I have played various instruments, both brass and woodwind. I began teaching children in school in 1984.
Interesting fact: I can wiggle my ears!

Fiona Hinchcliffe

Fiona Hinchcliffe square

Occupation: Registered Nurse in Endoscopy Department
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: 2018
Previous brass bands: Dewsbury Music Centre Senior Concert Band, Senior Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Grange Moor Youth Band
Favourite brass band piece: Radetzky March
Best brass banding moment: Returning to playing after a 25-year gap
Player history: I started out on the piano age 8 but soon realised it wasn’t the instrument for me. I started cornet lessons at school aged 9, and moved to the trumpet as I wanted to play in an orchestra as well as concert band. I continued playing until I went away to university, but couldn’t find a band to join whilst at uni so eventually stopped playing. I started playing in an adult brass group in 2017 which reignited my love of brass.
Interesting fact: I once drove a full-size single-decker bus around Wakefield in rush hour!

Rod Fisher

Rod Fisher

Occupation: Retired Teacher
Position: Solo Cornet
Date joined: September 2018
Previous brass bands: None
Favourite brass band piece: Immortal as played by Black Dyke Band
Best brass banding moment: Joining Grange Moor Brass Band!
Player History: Played trumpet for 5 months at the age of 13, then gave up.
Interesting fact: Started playing cornet at the age of 66!

Andrea Still

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