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James Taylor

James Taylor

Position: Flugelhorn
Date joined: 2019
Previous brass bands
Favourite brass band piece
Best brass banding moment
Player history
Interesting fact

Caroline Taylor

Caroline Taylor
Occupation: Business Development Manager for CCL Industries Inc, recently retired.
Position: Solo HornDate joined: September 2019Previous brass bands: Horbury, Wakefield MetropolitanFavourite brass band piece: Enjoy playing everything from classical pieces, marches, ballads, and challenging contest work; however, Guardian of my Soul is a beautiful melody.
Best brass banding moment: Playing with Wakefield Metropolitan at the Royal Albert Hall as a teenager and more recently with Huddersfield and Ripponden at the finals in 2022.Player history: Joined Horbury Band at the age of 11 and played for 10 years until the age of 21 playing first horn, and also with Wakefield Metropolitan.  Re-joined the banding world with Grange Moor in 2019 and then Huddersfield and Ripponden in 2021 helping out in the Yorkshire Regionals and going through to the finals, asking me to stay with them was wonderful.
Interesting facts: Learned to play the clarinet and alto sax just for fun!

Jane Hearson

Jane Hearson square

Occupation: Retired administrator in a debt counselling charity
Position: 1st Horn
Date joined: February 2015
Previous brass bands: Lofthouse 2000
Favourite brass band piece: Can’t choose between Nimrod and Breezing Down Broadway.
Best brass banding moment: Playing with Lofthouse Band in the Jardin du Luxembourg park in Paris.
Player history: I learned the piano and have also taught it. Aged 50, I took up the tenor horn, because we had one!
Interesting fact: I spent 3 weeks in Papua New Guinea.

Julie Wroe

Occupation: Organisation, Learning and Development Coach
Position: Second Horn
Date joined: September 2019
Previous brass bands: Horbury Band
Favourite brass band piece: So many! But listening to Concierto de Aranjuez holds me still every time.
Best brass banding moment: Making an LP with Horbury Band at Radio Leeds in the late 1970s. You can still buy it on eBay!
Player history: I played with Horbury Band between 1975 and 1982. I returned to playing with Grange Moor in 2019.
Interesting fact: Give me a reasonable day and I love being ‘offroad’ on my bike. A hot chocolate drink is always a good motivator halfway!

Janet Webster

Position: Second Horn
Date joined
Previous brass bands
Favourite brass band piece
Best brass banding moment
Player history
Interesting fact

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