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Concert with Gledholt Male Voice Choir, St. John’s Church, Kirkheaton

Last night we performed alongside Gledholt Male Voice Choir at St. John’s Church, Kirkheaton. This is the second time we have both appeared at the same venue, and it marks the first time that the two ensembles have joined together to entertain!

Among the pieces played by the band were arrangements of Shostakovich’s Second Waltz, Deep Inside The Sacred Temple from Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers and the Kenneth J. Alford’s classic march, Army Of The Nile.

Gledholt’s repertoire included items such as The World In Union, You Raise Me Up and My Girl’s A Yorkshire Girl as well as a delightfully entertaining monologue from Geldholt member Mike Senior.

The groups came together to perform two pieces, The Old Hundredth – more commonly known as the psalm All People That On Earth Do Dwell – and an arrangement of Elgar’s Pomp And Circumstance, which rounded off the successful evening.




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